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Britelynx Mobile

Keep your employees in sync

The Essential is Now Visible

Create value by empowering employees to be more productive and better prepared to serve customers.

Britelynx Mobile allows users to have access to their portfolio of certifications and qualifications with their status, see what is coming next on their personal schedule and keep track of time spent and items completed on their tasks.

Britelynx is an integrated solution that perfectly balances end user and corporate needs.

Work Schedules
Always know what's next on your schedule, even the last minute changes no one told you about.

Qualifications & Certificates
Stay qualified more easily knowing exactly what expires and when. Proactivity becomes easy.

Log of Hours & Events
Don't let the past haunt you. Know exactly how much you did and when!

Allow Your Staff to Stay in Sync, Agile and to...

Voir ce qui vient
A true realtime synchronized schedule allows each of your employees to stay tuned with their assignments.

Last minute changes to their schedule will show up instantly to ensure they don't get left behind in the communication channels.

Voir ce qu'ils ont fait
Your personnel can keep track of the hours they have worked and the items they have completed using easily customizable reports.

A great tool to help ensuring employment conformity with respect to rules or work agreements, and to reduce overtime.

Stay Qualified
Users can easily access the portfolio of certifications and qualifications they must comply with.

They can quickly check their status using a green, yellow and red color code.

View Certification details
Valuable information about certifications is made available to your respective employees, allowing them to take proactive measures to stay qualified or quickly advise you if a problem arise.

Install it full screen on your mobile device

To try it, point the mobile browser of your device to the web app address as shown in step 1 below. Then, add the bookmark to the home screen of your device and run the web app from the bookmark to make it show full screen. Login to your account and your information will show right away, simple and easy! 

Britelynx Mobile works with all HTML5 certified devices.

No More Surprises!


Personal info will display once you are connected to a business account.

Designed for professional use
Britelynx users can access their personal information quickly and simply from their mobile device.


*Shown with aircrew logbook configuration.

Click here
Click here

Or, scan this QR code

Step 2 - Add it to your homescreen

Step 1 - Get you App

Step 3 - Login or Sign Up

Your personal user account needs to be connected to a business account to work properly

Britelynx Mobile is designed to display information from a user's personal account connected (synchronized) to any Britelynx business account. It is essentially an end user solution integrated into the line of Britelynx business solutions.

More information about Britelynx business solutions is available here.


Apple iOS, Android & Windows Phone 8 are registered Trademarks

Apple iOS, Android & Windows Phone 8  are registered Trademarks