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How to Install the Britelynx Login Button on Your Web Site

Authenticate Users Right from Your Web Site

In order to access the Britelynx Application, users need to sign in to Britelynx first. You can allow them to sign in directly from your organization web site using the Britelynx Login Button.

Here is how the Britelynx Login Button looks like and how it works on your web page:

All you need to do, is to paste the html code below in your web page:

<!-- Britelynx Logo (http://www.britelynx.com) -->
<div style="position:relative; width:140px; height:48px;>
<a href="http://my.britelynx.com" style="text-decoration:none;">
<img src="http://www.britelynx.com/britelynx_login.png" alt="Britelynx Signup" title="Login to Britelynx" border="0" width="140" height="48" />

If you need assistance with the installation of the Britelynx Login Button on your web site, please feel free to contact us using this support desk or over the phone. Our support team will be pleased to give you a hand with this. 

Can Britelynx track equipment as well?

Yes, any equipment can easily be managed in Britelynx. Scheduled maintenance, certification, registration and more, of any equipment is supported in Britelynx. The Qualification and Assignment capacities are available for both personnel and equipment on our platform. Britelynx has been designed specifically to allow management of both personnel and equipment separately, or together as groups or teams. This gives maximum flexibility  to our clients and their team managers. 
Visit our web site or contact our support team to know more.

Is my information safe in Britelynx?

Yes, Britelynx uses the best technologies available on the market to keep your information safe.  Britelynx uses the same technologies has the ones used by the banks.
Contact our support team to know more.

Does Britelynx have some sort of traceability mechanism?

Yes, Britelynx keeps track of all the data modifications.  In fact, in the application, it's possible to view the history of all the changes made to any Qualification or Assignment along with the date, time and name of the person who created or modified the data.  Although, not all of the data details are available in the history viewer, the complete history of data modifications can be found in the history database.  An easy access to more details will be made available to our clients very soon.
Contact our support team to know more.

Can data be imported into Britelynx?

Yes, Britelynx development team has already assisted other clients import data before. 
Contact our support team to know more.

Can other applications connect to Britelynx?

Not at the moment, as none of our clients has come up with such a request, yet.   But, it is in our plans to develop such a capacity during the coming year. How and when we will do it depends on our clients requests. We estimate that it will take us between 30 to 60 days of work to implement this capacity. 
Contact our support team to know more.

Can Britelynx connect to other applications?

Yes, Britelynx can certainly connect to other applications. 

In fact, Britelynx already has some connections with 7 other web applications like Facebook, Linkedin, Google... In order for Britelynx to connect to an application, this other application must meet the following criteria:

1- Britelynx must first have an approval from the other application authorities to connect
2- The application must be web accessible
3- The application must have some sort of Application Programming Interface (API) 

Contact our support team to know more.

What kind of training is required to use Britelynx?

Basic software training, nothing too fancy! If you can use an email account and do basic things in an Excel spreadsheet, it's more than enough to get any user onboard Britelynx.  Typically, less than a day for advanced users. Most users, the team managers, can learn what they need in half day. They all together represent less than 15% of the workforce of our typical client organization.  The other 85%, the team members, don't need formal training as their personal account is designed to be used as easily as an email or social network account.  The good news is that we continuously "harras" our developers to make sure they come up with products that we, mortals, can use.  In summary, very little training is required from the users because we meant it that way.

What is the ROI for our customers?

This varies depending on each customer.   We found it to be somewhere around 3 months and ranging between 1 - 6 months.  Here is why.  Typically, Britelynx replaces the white boards and spreadsheets of most of our clients. Those means have low automation levels as well as a very limited access compared to what Britelynx offers.  Britelynx makes team managers save a lot of time on a daily basis once their teams' data are transferred into their organization's account on Britelynx. Since very little training is required from our users to learn the system and since little time is required to import the required data into Britelynx, the costs of implementation remain low.  On the other hand, team managers are a costly labour for most organization and Britelynx makes them more efficient in almost no time after the account is setup.  Doing the maths then give us the figures mentioned above.  Give us a shout to discuss what the ROI would be for you. We'll gladly surprise you for sure.

Do I need to buy equipment or hardware to install Britelynx?

No you don't. No equipment to purchase, no software to install. Britelynx is 100% web based and accessible via the web browsers installed on your existing computers (PC or Mac.) Britelynx is fully compatible with Internet Explorer 7 and above, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. All you need is a functional internet connection and a valid account with us to access our web servers from anywhere in the world.  If you operate from a location where there is limited or intermittent internet access, we can setup a server at your location to let you operate locally without any interruption. This setup is not included in our standard service packs and extra costs will be charged on a case by case basis for this custom setup.   Feel free to contact us to discuss about it if you have any questions. We are solution minded people.